For medical translations and the corresponding language processes, the orangeglobal group relies on its partner mpue translations.

orangeglobal and mpue are DIN EN ISO 9001 and 17100 certified and all the services that the companies provide comply fully with these linguistic standards.

The latest technology and established and flexible processes enhance the

  • quality assurance,
  • precision,
  • consistency and
  • scientific accuracy of our translation services

Medicine | Pharmaceuticals | Biotechnology
Medical technology | Dental technology | Laboratory technology |
In-vitro diagnostics

mpue is an experienced and awarded specialist for technical translations across the entire product life cycle in the fields of

  • Research and development
  • Clinical trials and evaluations of all phases
  • Marketing authorisation with labelling and registrations for all types of procedures
  • Quality and testing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Information technology
  • Training

mpue translations naturally offers all the services expected of an ultramodern language service provider specialising in the healthcare sector in compliance with the most stringent security standards.

Technology and workflows

We use state-of-the-art language technology such as CAT tools, terminology databases and testing and validation tools for specific quality checks depending on the type of document and the project requirements.

Drawing on our creativity and specialist knowledge, we bring together the latest technology and translation methods and, working together with our customers and mpue experts from the appropriate disciplines, we develop product- and company-specific processes and workflows.

Range of services

We are your partner for subtasks, individual translations or process stages, or your complete project and process management:

  • Consulting – Technologies – Internationalisation
  • Process management and workflow optimisation
  • Creation of customer-specific workflows
  • IT support & consulting
  • mpue customer platform
  • Data transfer from CMS and PIM
  • Technical translations of any required quality level
  • Localisation
  • Machine translation + post-editing
  • Back translation with reconciliation and harmonisation
  • Express translation
  • Translation of websites
  • Marketing translations + transcreation
  • Medical/technical + creative writing + copywriting
  • Revision in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100
  • Reviews
  • Stylistic reviews, proofreading
  • Terminology management – creation and maintenance
  • Translation memory – creation and maintenance
  • Well-defined, multi-stage quality management
  • Feedback loop with subsidiaries
  • Multilingual DTP – from foreign language typesetting to design
  • All file formats
  • Interpreting
  • Scoring & voice-overs
  • Transcription
  • Multilingual subtitling
  • Digital marketing – SEO
  • Testing: readability tests, linguistic validation
  • Certificates, notarised translations, apostilles
  • 180 languages in any language combination

Regulatory compliance and quality assurance

Global product launches always require translations in a number of languages and compliance with specific national requirements.

Regulatory compliance, a precise translation and the correct use of standardised medical terminology or regulatory requirements, such as those defined in MDR, IVDR, EMA QRD, MedDRA or EDQM, ensure the correct administration or proper use of your product, regardless of the market or therapeutic indication.

Marketing authorisations and registrations

Thanks to our many years of experience with all types of registration procedures and our global team comprising linguists, regulatory experts, medical writers and IT specialists, we can satisfy all your translation proposals and regulatory authority requirements so that you can make your products available anywhere in the world efficiently, quickly and safely.

The development of quality assurance processes that incorporate independent testing procedures based on the registration procedure and type of document safeguard compliance with regulatory authority requirements as a matter of principle.

Large job volumes and tight deadlines are also not an issue and will be ?processed if required with the highest priority, for example, on the same day, overnight or over the weekend.

Clinical trials and evaluations and linguistic validation (PRO)

Our translation management for clinical trials and evaluations is focused on timely and error-free completion of your projects in accordance with GCP guidelines, adapted to your study protocol

To ensure compliance, correctness and consistently ?high-quality services without unnecessary delays, ?you need a qualified language service provider.

Rely on mpue.