orangeglobal - your process optimisation specialist for pharma and medical technology


The orangeglobal group is your solution provider

The cornerstone for the current range of services as an internationalisation specialist was laid more than forty years ago with our successful subsidiary mpü medpharm medtech biotech translations GmbH.

Today, our services are part of a holistic, interdisciplinary approach based on a system of five Centres of Competence – Studies, Regulatory Affairs, Vigilance, Marketing, and Distribution – complemented, as before, by professional translation and language management – catering specifically for the requirements of the sector.

The orangeglobal group’s portfolio has been expanded to include process-focused services such as consulting, expert leasing and IT support.

Successful together

orangeglobal has a national and international network of proven experts for drug approval, medical device Registration/certification, dietary supplement registration and more to submit or register your product and support you in the Lifecycle Maintenance.

We and our network have the following experts:

  • Pharmacologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Toxicologists
  • Physicians/Medical experts/Clinicians
  • Chemists
  • Biologists/Biotechnologists
  • Process technicians/Engineers

Benefit from orangeglobal’s innovative, cross-departmental approach:

- Enhanced quality and increased security for product, documentation and processes
- Cost reduction as a result of reduced labour and administration costs and more efficient coordination 
- Reduced time-to-market due to interdisciplinary processes that are more efficiently integrated