A partnership with added value

Precisely because of the project-based nature of working with individual service providers, selected, for example, purely on the basis of price considerations in a tendering process, enormous efforts are required on the part of the customer in the preparation and follow-up of individual projects. As this investment of time is often not feasible for each individual project, the results can be unsatisfactory and lead to the next change of service provider.

A long-term partnership has many benefits:
- Cost savings
- Shorter turnaround times
- Reduced risk
- High quality

Our interdisciplinary business model ensures purchasing benefits through the realisation of a global solution, as well as volume bundling. Our process-oriented, computer-assisted mode of operation guarantees efficiency and quality, saves resources and avoids the need for subsequent corrections or follow-up work.

We have also integrated check tools specifically for the Purchasing/Procurement Department so the project status and costs can be accessed at any time.

In addition, quarterly reports are issued, summarising orangeglobal’s performance and suggesting improvements.