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Digital HealthCare – the orangeglobal group creates the framework for comprehensive collection of information using mobile apps

Health tracking and data collection using mobile systems with patients are a subject of the future. Modern smartphones have various options for recording data – from interactive questionnaires to biometric systems and sensors – which forms the foundation for acquiring information in the patient target groups of pharmaceutical companies.

Our system solution based on the PATIENT CONCEPT smartphone app, which channels the communication between the doctor and patient and also enables various types of feedback in trials and surveys, provides a framework for the collection of data for the first time that is compliant with privacy laws and creates the foundation for projects to improve arguments that communicate product benefits as part of benefit assessment procedures, for data collection in marketing studies or feedback channels in risk management systems.

As part of projects that are tailored for a pharmaceutical company and that involve doctors and patients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, information was recorded which to date had been collected only incompletely and with difficulty – concrete feedback from individual patients from specific patient target groups.

The PATIENT CONCEPT app as the central instrument of communication between the trusted doctor and the patient can be used to collect data as part of risk management plans and to implement regulatory requirements.

Training material and checklists, brochure information, web links – using the app companies can ensure that users of a particular medication can directly access the necessary information from the medical practice providing their care.

Therapy compliance is an important parameter when assessing the success of a treatment. The app provides simple and pragmatic approaches for controlling therapy compliance using a tablet alarm clock and simple therapy monitoring or the option for ordering repeats of prescriptions online as part of long-term therapy.

The doctor/patient bond is the basis for the best possible treatment success. Standards such as implementing the legally required medication/therapy plan, online appointment requests or communicating with doctors by messaging in the app as well as options for information about the practice increase trust in the doctor – and reinforce the bond between the doctor and the patient.


The benefit assessment is a critical procedure nowadays for the economic success of a newly developed medicinal product. A decision about the benefits and importance can therefore be improved in that the benefit dossier is based on valid, detailed and ‘real life’ patient statements. These can be recorded using the app directly from patients who have been prescribed a particular medication.

Behind each of these applications is indirect communication with the patient. The system solution from the orangeglobal group enables the control of projects of any size and with almost any information need in the pharmaceutical industry.

A non-binding initial application scenario is prepared free of charge in an on-site appointment for interested pharmaceutical companies, for example, with management, marketing management and those responsible for market access and MedWiss.

Our team of specialists will happily outline concrete application scenarios.

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