We are not just your service provider, we are your partner.

Compared with a traditional service provider relationship, a long-term partnership with orangeglobal offers you major benefits. Many of our customers have recognised this and are now benefiting from cost and risk reductions – for all projects, not just complex and challenging ones. Precisely because of the project-based nature of working with individual service providers, selected, for example, purely on the basis of price considerations in a tendering process, enormous efforts are required on the part of the customer in the preparation and follow-up of individual projects. As this investment of time is often not feasible for each individual project, the results are unsatisfactory so the customer switches to yet another service provider.

The following measures in particular are essential if the project is to run smoothly and have a positive outcome:

- Briefing and regular (kick-off) meetings
- Definition of aims (over and above the aim of the current project, if necessary)
- Project analysis and planning with milestones
- Risk analysis and management
- Test runs/proof of concept
- Ongoing improvement process and lessons learned