Making the complex simple and the national superlocal

We offer you the full range of services of a modern, specialist marketing agency. From international market research and strategy development to campaign development and adaptation, from the production of sales documents and presentations to web design, packaging, and the drafting of standard advertising motifs.

At the same time, we understand the specific regulations of the healthcare sector and have a thorough grasp of the rules governing all aspects of modern health communication.

All this is done with a necessary eye to the local target markets and to linguistic, cultural and regulatory peculiarities.

Market analyses

With thorough market analyses, we provide a reliable basis for your product internationalisation. We undertake targeted research of the market situation in your target countries. Geared to your needs at all times – from investigations of specific aspects to a full market analysis. These mainly strategic market analyses are tailored to the specific application and therefore support your decision-making process. Content, methods and resources are agreed jointly, while target markets are first segmented and defined, market volumes are discussed (including retrospectively) and conclusions are drawn about future market development. Analysis of competitors and the structure of the competition (including clustering according to appropriate criteria) also contributes to this decision-making.

The market shares of specific branches and the development of demand in target markets, as well as the typical organisation of planning and purchasing processes, give further insight into the development of the markets. In an analysis of market potential, factors such as the dynamics and attractiveness of the target markets are measured, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the intensity of competition.


Current methods for these investigations include - the primary and secondary market research that we conduct or organise in full or in part for our customers, but also - qualitative surveys with expert or group interviews, and - quantitative surveys and the analysis of a wide variety of on-line and off-line sources. Depending on the complexity of the requirements and the target markets, we operate as the prime contractor or on a modular basis in consultation with our client. When planning the resources needed, we take into account the interests of all the parties involved, the expertise of project staff and the specialisation and complexity of the market. Qualified support in the selection of CROs for your clinical trials Frequently, these issues relate to the scope of clinical trials and the selective cooperation and input of CROs. The choice of CRO is vital for the success of your clinical trials.

As a result of our large network and our experience of working with CROs throughout the world, we can identify those that are most appropriate for your specific needs and so ensure the success of your clinical trials. It goes without saying that we also undertake the management of your trials as a liaison between you, the CRO and the authorities:

  • Support in tendering
  • Cost/service comparison
  • Monitoring of compliance with the protocol, GCP and regulatory requirements
  • Communication and reporting